Thursday, June 12, 2008

Content? I'm trying...

I tell you one thing, learning to be content in all situations is way harder than I ever thought it would be. I go through phases, but I think if you would peel back all the layers, even when it looks like I'm content...I don't know that I am. I'm speaking specifically about being here this summer. (I didn't want anyone to think it has anything to do with ANYTHING else.) I need to learn to be content doing nothing, or working, or sitting around at a rehearsal to walk on stage, stand there, not rehearse the song/dance for the only scene I'm in, and go sit back stage again.
I need to be content when my friends are VERY late for things, or when they fall asleep by mistake or accidently go to the wrong theatre. Those things aren't their fault. I'm sure Tabi didn't mean to misunderstand me and go to the wrong theatre. And really NONE of these things actually matter in the grand scheme of the's just me being SUPER over-dramatic and I know that.


Praying about being content is kind of like praying for patience...God sticks you in the middle of situations and with this. And ya know, I don't think I would deal with it at all in any other way. YaY God for knowing what you're doing!

Another thing...a kid I used to be decent friends with is now in jail for various crimes...not cool!

Also...keep the Guy and Sparks families in your prayers. Ashley Guy died yesterday morning and the reasons aren't really known. I didn't know Ashley very well AT in, she was married to Patrick Sparks...I went to school with Patrick's younger sister Jennifer, and their mom has been my hair stylist since middle school. Ashley and Patrick have been married MAYBE 2 years...and they have a 3 month old please keep the families in your prayers.

She was involved with The Aracoma Story (TAS) years ago, so it's hit some of the members of the cast pretty hard. It's hard anyway because this is the 5th person that I know of that has passed away that was heavily involved in TAS, so being at the park for rehearsals is always kind of hard on some.
Jennifer Williams died when she was about 12...I was only 6 or even a little younger. She lived up here on the hill, so I remember a few things about her but not much. Her parents Mike and Wendy are still active with TAS and every year there's a girl that looks a lot like Jennifer...this year is no different.
Ron Moxley died...hmm what summer was that? 2002? I think. His daughter Cathleen is a year younger than me. I did the Shawnee Trail with him for a couple years.
Matt Patterson died 2 summers ago? He was in Fiddler on the Roof. His first summer with TAS was my first also. He was about 5 years older than me.
Ruby Sutter died this past fall. Ruby was one of the greatest ladies you could ever meet and I've been in shows with her since I started there. It's especially weird to be back without Ruby there. Last summer I saw her at "Lil' Abner" and she was very excited that I was coming back for this summer...
and now Ashley.

wow...I don't know that I ever really realized all that before...

that's enough for now
this post definitely was very stream of consciousness...sorry about that

Monday, June 9, 2008


My Sondheim clip of the day is Bernadette Peters singing "Johanna" from Sweeney Todd This is one of my favorite songs in the show! :D

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stephen Sondheim

I have always admired the genuis of Stephen Sondheim (Into the Woods is one of my favorite musicals), but recently I've developed a great passion for his work. I'm not super familiar with much of his stuff, unfortunately, but I hope to remedy that soon. I think I want to do an All Sondheim recital. I know that at SBTS, I have to do a recital, but I'm not sure what the requirements are. I'm sure they would let me do a specitality recital, and just not count it as my real recital? *shrug* I suppose I'll cross that bridge when I get there, but I'd LOVE to do a Sondheim recital, so today I spent $100 on and purchased all 4 volumes of his vocal selections, a book about the his shows *for research purposes*, and 3 CDs: a ballads of stephen sondheim cd, and the 2 disk Bernadette Peters (LOVE HER) Sondheim etc. set! :D
That's pretty cheap for all of that stuff. 5 books and 3 Cds!! Come on!
I'm going to start doing research right now because this is something I REALLY would love to do.

...I'd also love to learn every single vocal piece Debussy ever wrote, but there are a TON of them! AND they're in French...and while my French diction isn't's still pretty bad!

Anyway, I'm going to leave you with 3 videos for your viewing pleasure!
Bernadette Peters singing "No one is Alone" from Into the Woods

Bernadette Peters singing "Children with Listen" from Into the Woods

The only youtube video I could find of a girl singing one of my favorite Debussy pieces, "C'est l'extase". I really like her voice! I must warn you that French Art Song is somewhat of an aquired taste. I LOVE IT, and it's ok if you don't! :D


Friday, June 6, 2008

New Apartment!!!!!!

Hello folks!
Well, the living with Hannah fun is going to work out! :D She found an apartment that she actually almost signed a lease for last month, but her roommate fell through at the last minute. It's still available because of another string of events that made the guys living in it (friends of hers) have to stay an extra month. SO we have an apartment!!!!!!

I haven't even seen it in person, but I've seen pictures, and I don't even care that much because Hannah's the one driving around everywhere looking for them, and since she was super pumped, I was like OK! :D

Here's the only thing I dislike about it...

That's right...HIDEOUS University of Louisville inspired bathroom...ick!

Everything else is great though!!! Hannah and I are ok with the black in the bathroom, but the red is a little offensive. (And it is actually red, not orange, but the picture doesn't so that too well) Any suggestions? The only thing we can think of is tile paint?


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally, something to do!!!

Hello internet world!
I'm writing today to tell you that I finally have something to do with my time! Until now, I've been doing whatever I can to entertain myself, but mostly I just get up in the morning, practice a little piano, help organize some other part of my parents' house, and then go to work. I've been trying to reach the lady to play softball for over a month, but I've had no response. She doesn't have an answering machine, and I'm assuming since she doesn't know the number, she isn't answering the phone...but really, if the SAME number called you almost everyday for a month, wouldn't you eventually answer it!? Well she hasn't, so it doesn't look like I'll get to play softball this summer, which actually is kind of hard for me to grasp since I love it so much and have been looking forward to playing since LAST summer.
The Aracoma Story (our Native American heritage play) needed singer/dancers for one scene - the settler scene. My friend Jamie is directing this and she asked if I could do it. Well...I didn't audition for the show to begin with because 1. I really don't like it very much due to past directors turning it into a horrible mess, and 2. I work evenings. It actually got cancled this year, but Jamie and crew fought to keep it running leaving 20 days to put it up. A few of her singers dropped out due to various circumstances and she needed another one so she didn't have to sing. I can't be there final dress rehearsal OR the 20 and 21 because of prior commitments, but she said if I could do it, she'd just fill in for me those 3 nights. I talked to my boss at Bobs and for the 6 days it actually conflicts with my work schedule, they are going to let me come in and work mornings, so I don't have to take 2 weeks off of work to do the show!!!! I'm super pumped! I only get two rehearsals though...this Saturday and next Saturday, so hopefully, I'll pick it up quickly. I know I get to sing a verse in the song and I'll be dancing around like a happy settler lady! :D I'm pretty excited! I think I'm more excited just to have something else to do with my time.

Although...this organizing the house for my parents has actually been kind of I see a future as a personal organizer!? Maybe! If the wedding coordinator dream doesn't work out! ;)

Have a good day!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I will not be living on campus this fall because I realized that I can save $200 a month by living with a roommate offcampus. SO, Bryan has a friend, Hannah, that ALSO needed a roommate, so we decided to live together. We've been doing apartment searching and she's actually got appointments to see...3 or 4 of them this afternoon!!!!!!!! Hopefully, we can find one quickly that doesn't make us start paying rent on June 15...I'd rather not have to pay for 2 months I won't be there.