Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marketing GENIUS!!!

Last night I received a youtube video link from one of my best friends in the world!
It was of a girl named Miranda trying to get voice students:

I laughed hysterically and could NOT believe she was actually serious, but found nothing proving otherwise as it was VERY late and I was tired!

This morning I woke up to a message from another friend confirming that she IS, in fact, a professional named Colleen Ballinger and she's fantastic:

What a genius! Check out "Miranda's" actual page! It's hilarious!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A small update

I'm sorry I don't write in this thing much. I only know a few people who actually read it, and 95% of the time, they already know what's going on in my life.

Things have been crazy here lately. I made it through my mid-semester meltdown with minimal damage, but I still feel like I'll never catch up. This semester has taken SO long to get going, and my schedule constantly changes *even still*, so I have NO routine. (And for those of you who know KNOW I need routine).

Oh well!
Rehearsals for the Mozart opera are going REALLY well. We're having a blast and learning a lot from Dr. Sherman. She's an AMAZING teacher! (I found my adult voice, p.s.! No more sounding like a high school soprano in my middle range!!!)
I am one of the founding members of an a capella group this semester at school. We aren't really sure what will come of it, but there's really nothing better than singing sacred works in a jazz style! It's great!

I'm trying to think of things that actually matter...but there aren't really many, so here's a nicely organized bullet list:
* I am moving from the Bob's I'm at now, to a new one!
* I got my wisdom teeth out and everyone said it would be horrible
* I was not (so far I've had no problems at all)
* I start pre-marital counseling with the B tonight!!!
* I'm really pumped about it! It should be a lot of fun!
* I can't think of anything else
* I really hope best friend Lou comes to school here.
* All of my best girl friends from here are leaving or have already left...
it's hard enough on a seminary campus to find friends who are girls to actually hang out with, but they are all leaving. :( Helena left already, Jenn is leaving after this semester, Alison is leaving in August. :( Sad DAY!