Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It is finished...

My first paper for Seminary is finished!! (aside from formatting it, but that doesn't require in depth study).

I feel really good about the paper! Not because I think the content is that great...because I don't necessarily think that, and not because I even think I'll get an A on it...quite frankly I feel as if a high school senior wrote it more so than a college graduate, BUT I feel good about it because I learned so much!
The topic was Worship and Creation in the Psalms and while I didn't go as in depth as I could have (7-9 pages doesn't allow for a ton of depth), I really feel like I learned a lot and my ideas of worship of God as Creator are much different than before! (Meaning, I actually think about it!)

I'm so excited about the graciousness of God! I'm completely filled UP right now!
SO even if this paper doesn't get an A, or even a B, or a C! I still learned an amazing amount of stuff about Him that I didn't realize before and THAT is the whole point...not a silly letter grade.
I'll pass the class even if my paper is sub-par, but it doesn't matter because God has revealed himself to me! Even if it was through the mediocrity of my 1st paper!!!


Praise the Lord!