Friday, November 23, 2007

Caffeine high

So I'm not supposed to have caffeine. It's all good, I don't usually have much of it anyway. Since I've been doing a FAIRLY good job at sticking to the diet...I haven't had much caffeine. I had a few cokes this week *it was a holiday...don't judge me* haha
My roommate Sommer and I LOVE sweet tea and she makes the BEST sweet tea ever! However, I forget that when I'm gone...she doesn't make the decaf kind of sweet tea...but she makes regular. She forgot that I was coming home naturally she didn't leave a note stating "this tea is not decaf". I got home around 2 this afternoon, and I've been drinking the "decaf" tea since I got LEAST 3 glasses...if not more than that. She informed me around 1030 tonight, when she got home, that the tea was not decaf like I originally thought.
...I had been bouncing off the walls for a few hours and couldn't figure out why...
I now know.
You should all pray for Bryan because we just got off a phone date...and I talked and talked and talked and talked...and he sat there and had to listen to me exhaust him. It was pretty terrible. Sorry B.

I never realized that caffeine would affect me this much because it never has in the past...but I suppose that's what you get when you don't have it for awhile! HMMMMM

k, time to read!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


This Thanksgiving break, I did exactly what I do every Thanksgiving break...
make a plan for all the work I have to do...
and do none of it!
on this Thursday of the break (HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!) I still have NOTHING done that I needed to get done...
However, I think that the ability to sit around for HOURS and watch "The Office" with my dad and lil' brudder will be just what I need to sit down and pound out the work for the rest of the semester....because if I think about it logically...I DO have enough time to get everything done if I just DO it.

I just need to get over my 'I graduate in 3 weeks' syndrome and all will be right with the world!
*good luck there right!*

Break has been amazing thus far!
I got to spend time with Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing to see him, FINALLY!!!!!!!!! :D
The last time I saw him was October 2...NOT COOL!
BUT that's the longest gap we'll have to go, so we're past the long one!!!!! YAY!!!

I also got to see some really great old friends...some I hadn't seen in 7 years!

My lil' brudder is pretty much the coolest kid I know, and I was reminded of that this week!

I also figured out that my last Sunday in Morganland will be March 16...and I'll move back home after my birthday!
I was at Walmart and I realized that in a few months...I'll be there on a semi-regular basis...running into EVERYONE I HAVE EVER KNOWN!
I saw my bride-to-be and her fiancee!!! WONDERFUL!

I love thanksgiving!!!
I love my family!!!
I love my boyfriend!!!
I love my friends!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I see my boyfriend in a few hours!!!!!
*does happy dance*
I'm leaving as soon as Sommer gets back with my car...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Finale pictures

Best friend, Lou, drove 7 hours to see me!!!

8 of the top 15 sang "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" to kick off the finale.

"The Girl in 14G"

"Vision of Love"

"Mercy on Me"

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happiness to pictures

I was inspired by my cousin Janine to make a post about the things in life that make me happy. (I don't have a picture of the Lord, but you get the idea.)

2007 Mountaineer Idol

I won!
holy cow!! haha I really still, even now, can not believe it. I have also realized how much I don't really like the attention! HAHA I mean...I enjoy the spotlight...let's face it, I wouldn't be a performance major if I didn't...but I do NOT really like the attention from this. It's ok. I'm not gonna complain about it! I don't think I could be famous though! I tend to hide my face or shy away when people congratulate me in front of a large group of other people. haha Good thing God has called me to something else! :D

I figured I would put the articles from the Post and the DA in here for those of you (*coughBryanKatyandBethcough*) who live far away and won't be able to read them!
I have to say thank you so much for all of your encouraging words throughout this competition. Thank you for putting up with only reading out this stuff for a couple months! haha It was only by the grace of God that I even had the chance to perform...or even have this voice! SO it all goes to Him. not me!

"Bartlow win '07 Mountaineer Idol"
by J. Myles Layton *The Dominion Post*
Samantha Bartlow, a budding opera singer, reigns as the 2007 Mountaineer Idol
Shortly after capturing the title Sunday at the Metropolitan Theatre, Bartlow said, "I don't know what to do with myself right now. I can't believe I won. I really, really can't."
Bartlow was still in shock when she was asked by The Dominion Post if she had any plans to go to Disney World like all those guys on TV after they win a Superbowl of World Series.
"I'm going to church tonight to thank God for everything," she said. "If it wasn't for Him, I don't believe that I would have the voice that I have, or the opportunity to use it."
A field of 65 contestants was narrowed to 15 semifinalists, who have been competing in various genres of music since August.
"If you were only and opera singer, and then you had to sing a country song when you got to the country would have to be a wellrounded singer to be able to sing the various genres of music required in this competition," said Sonja Wilson, Mountaineer Idol coordinator.
The finalists were Bartlow, Julie Cerrone, who was second place, and Nicole Mata, third place. On the final day of the competition, they each had to sing three songs. On Sunday, each of these finists was judged on three songs - one previously performed song, a new song and one selected by Kasey Hott, the 2006 Mountaineer Idol and master of ceremonies. The contestant with the highest score won $1,000.
"The finale showcases the hard work and effort that students have put into Mountaineer Idol," Wilson said. "Our winner, Samantha, belted out a diverse group of songs to sing the title of Mountaineer Idol - a title she will remember always."
Mountaineer Idol began in 2004 when WVU student Marci Lane sang herself to Hollywood for the third season of American idol. After being eliminated, she brought the idea back to WVU as a way to showcase student talent at the university.
Before the judges made their decision, The Dominion Post went backstage to interview the three finalists.
With long brown curly hari and brown eyes, Cerrone, 22, looks somewhat like American Idol sensation Kelly Clarkson. She was standing in a dimly lit hallway off stage and sang Ira nd George Gershwin's "Someone to watch over me."
"I've been practicing a lot," said Cerrone, 22, a WVU senior from Pittsburgh, who won second place in 2005. "I do this because I love being in the spotlight singing. Performing gives me a rush."
If Cerrone were ever to audition before notorious American Idol judge Simon Cowell, she said he would probably say she "has what it takes to be the next Americal Idol."
Bartlow, 22, a WVU senior, said she is definitely not what people would consider a pop princess. Though Bartlow belted out blues, pop and rock songs during the competition, in truth, this music major is more comfortable singing opera.
The statuesque 5-foot 11-inch blonde from Chapmanville demonstrated her range with a few notes from Puccini's "Tosca" that could probably shatter crystal and send that cliched fat lady at every opera house into a jealous rage.
If Bartlow were to audition in front of Cowell, she said he would say to her, "you don't have a very pop music voice, but I think you have good control."
Mata, 19, was born in the Philippines, but grew up in Charleston. The WVU freshman practices singing whenever she gest a spare moment.
"I sing into my iPod, in the shower, sometimes I even go to the Creative Arts Center and sing in one of hte practice rooms," she said. "It's whenever I have free time - but to me, school is first."
While Mata was waiting her turn to perform, she was sitting unnoticed in a small chair in the hall near the dressing rooms. Other performers didn't notice Mata as they walked pas her until she started singing "I have nothing," by Whitney Houston. All of a sudden, everyone took notice of the quiet, unassuming girl as her voice pierced souls with a soud that made Whitney a superstar.
Mountaineer Idol is officially sponsored by Coca-Cola, Fox 46 and "American idol."

"Bartlow wins Idol 2007"
by Shelly Davidov *The Daily Athenaeum*
After masterfully peforming three songs by vocally respected artists, Samantha Bartlow was named the 2007 Mountaineer Idol.
The Mountaineer Idol finale kicked off Sunday at 3pm to a packed and excited audience in the Metropolitan Theatre.
The show opened with a performance of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's version of "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" by eight Idol contestants, including finalists Bartlow, Julie Cerrone, and Nicole Mata.
For Round One, each finalist performed a number from a previous round that best displayed her talent and skills.
Mata took the stage first performing Alicia Keys' "How Come you Don't Call Me?" Mata put sass and soul into her performance, showing for the first time true confidence in her singing.
Bartlow gave another jaw-dropping performance of Kristin Chenoweth's "The Girl in 14G," using her operatic and acting skills to wow the crowd.
Cerrone finished Round One with Whitney Houston's version of "I will Always Love You." The audience loved her dramatic style and use of the stage.
As previous contestant Jessica Zapadka sang Ashlee Simpson's "Unreachable," the finalists prepared for Round Two.
For their second performances, the girls had to perform songs selected by the hosts.
Mata started off the round with Tina Turner's "Proud Mary." In addition to controlled, clear lyrics and vocals, Mata got into character, portraying attitude during the spoken parts of the song.
The song chosen for Bartlow was Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love." Though not that comfortable with the song, she showed off her vast higher register.
Singing the techno version of Leann Rimes, "How Do I Live?" Cerrone walked to the stage from the back of the theatre. Despite some flat notes, Cerrone interacted with the audience and had fun with her performance.
As the finalists prepared for the final round, the show welcomed more past contestants to the stage.
Priscilla Brock showed her country skills with a performance of Martina McBride's "When God Fearin Women get the Blues," while Ryan Russman channeled Broadway with "I Know Where I've Been," from Hairspray. Russman not only gave a consistent performance, but brought emotion and commanding vocals to the moving song.
For the last round of the show, the finalist performed a song of their choice.
Mata selected "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. Though she started strong, Mata couldn't reach the higher notes from the song's key change. She held her composure, but Mata struggled with the rest of the number.
Bartlow chose Christina Aguilera's "Mercy on Me." Baring her soul through the music. Bartlow effortlessly flowed through Aguliera's difficult runs and lengthy notes.
Cerrone closed the final round with an a cappella performance of Ella Fitzgerald's "Someone to Watch over Me," which she dedicated to her grandmother. Though she held nothing of Fitzgerald's fluid, rich tone, the crowed loved Cerrone's belting.
While the judges tabulated the scores, more performers took the stage.
After performances by past contestants, Alex Aide and Wayne Riley, Jaqueline Dooley and the Umoja Voices of Joy choir performed a gospel number with the finalists.
After the song, hosts Kasey Hott and Nick Bartic returned with the final scores of the evening.
Mata was named second rummer-up, winning a prize of $250. Cerrone was named first runner-up, winning $750, making Bartlow the Idol winner.
Smiling and laughing through her shock, Bartlow accepted her $1,000 check.
Bartlow's shocked disbelief continued even after the show. "I thought I was going to get third place."

There you go!
Sorry it was such a novel.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Anna Marie Gill

Anna Marie Gill

March 1st, 1985 – November 11th, 2003

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to.

Four years have passed and it still feels like it happened yesterday. We will never forget you, beautiful.

Copied in part from Kaleena B.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mountaineers 7-1

Dear Louisville Cardinals (and Joshie),
the Mountaineers

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Headline reads: "Mountaineer Idol finalist Samantha Bartlow sings her way to the top"

If you go to the "print edition" on the right hand side and go to page 5, you'll be able to see the picture too!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Idol comments

Hey kids! The finale for Mountaineer Idol is rapidly approaching! I'm pretty much a nervous pile of myself. I have opera scenes all week this week, and I'm not nervous about them at all!
In an attempt to make myself feel better (and because I'm unable to sleep at this moment...stupid nap...ya know I didn't think a 10 minute nap would keep me up this late) here are the comments in the DA from last week's performance.
(Sorry they don't have pictures Beth...I don't have a camera, and no one took any for me.)

Taking on another soulful singer was the last performer, Samantha Bartlow. Wearing a long red dress and a black boa, Bartlow performed Aretha Franklin’s “Think.” Though the lyrics of verses could have been clearer, Bartlow reached every impossible note and performed with great presence.
Bartlow was last to perform. Singing Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth’s “The Girl in 14G,” Bartlow donned glasses and a black and white dress as she swung around in a chair on stage. Combining bursts of opera and scat, Bartlow told the story of a young girl’s annoyingly loud new neighbors: An opera singer and a jazz performer. Switching from a prima donna opera star to a swanky jazz singer and back again, Bartlow wowed the audience with her vocal and acting skills.

I'll be performing "The Girl in 14G" for the hopefully, I can once again 'wow the audience'. I'm also doing "Mercy on Me" by Christina Aguliera...with a few tweaked lyrics since I'm not catholic, and "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey...which I am MOST nervous about because that was the best of the 4 choices given to me by the hosts.
If you don't know the pieces...look them up on youtube.

Keep me in your prayers this week if you remember. It will be a bit of a stress ball until Thanksgiving break.
On the table for the next 2 weeks:
Wednesday - opera scenes
Thursday - Louisville game
Friday - opera scenes
Saturday - opera scenes (and not work...which is NOT a good thing)
Sunday - Idol finale
Monday - dress rehearsal
Tuesday - choir concert
Wednesday - Danielle's recital
Friday - Shakespeare scene due

and BREAK means....I GET TO SEE MY BOYFRIEND FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE OCTOBER 2ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*can you tell I miss him?*


time to sleep! I think I finally made myself sleepy!!!


Everyone loves a picture blog!!!!

Sommer and I were America's next top models, and Faith was a dancing queen this year at our masquerade party! (more pictures of that fun to follow soon!)

The rest of the pictures are from Fall Retreat at Canaan Valley! We decided it would be a good idea to rake leaves with canoe oars and jump in them! So we did!!! I also built a tepee with the oars...but it fell on me. :(