Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So excited!!

I'm very excited about this Thanksgiving!
Mostly because I don't have to drive anywhere. (ha) No, but really - my parents are coming down here this year! Momma is cooking (while I apprentice learning how to make a turkey). Daddy and Shaun will probably sit around with Bryan watching the parade...er football! ha It will be a good time!
Lil' Brudder (Shaun) is staying with us instead of at the hotel with my parents!! (Small apartments do not leave much room for tons of sleepover guests.)

My cousin Brandon (and his g/f, Lisa who's been around longer than I can remember) are coming over for dinner tonight and B is staying with us! Lisa might as well, but that decision has yet to be made. Brandon is the baby cousin. We're all pretty close in age though. Brandon is 21 and the oldest, Brett, is 29 *I think*. So squeeze the other 4 of us in that time period and there you have it. We're pretty close and Brandon goes to school like an hour away, so he's coming to hang out!!!
I can't wait!!!!!

My house has been in cleaning mode for a few days though. Well...it's been in the "I'm thinking about cleaning" mode for a few days and yesterday I cleaned 1/2 of it. Bryan has been working in the office a bit and I cleaned the kitchen, living/dining room(s), and the guest bathroom. We'll finish the office first (since that's where Brandon will sleep) and then I'll move on to our bedroom/bathroom. It's HORRIBLE!
I mean seriously...it's the worst it's been since I moved in! (eh, such is life!)

Anyway, I'm sure you LOVED reading this very boring account of my life!

Happy Thanksgiving


Muthering Heights said...

Have fun hosting!! My family is coming to our place too...so they can with the kiddos on Friday, while my husband puts me to work for 22 straight hours. Literally.

{I'm a good wife for trying to embrace his vision, right??}

Anyway, I'm making turkey, homemade stuffing, corn casserole, pear-cranberry chutney, pumpkin ginger pie {with golden marshmallow topping} and a chocolate peanut butter cup torte. Then I go to work.

What are you having? :)

Samantha said...

Momma is cooking most of it!
I am learning how to make the turkey and all that good stuff.

We're having turkey, Broccoli Casserole (which is a FAVORITE around here) gourmet mac-n-cheese (which I am making - not the usual recipe that we have had in the past), stuffing, cranberries? and I already made a pumpkin pie yesterday!
I can't wait!

They get here today!!!!!

And yes, you are a great wife for trying to embrace his vision!